The effect of Hijama on the liver

The effect of Hijama on the liver:

Cupping (Hijama) removes the spoiled, old blood cells and the impurities from the blood. It increases the blood flow to all the body tissues, organs and consequently improves the blood flow to the liver tissue. The whole liver will be activated and becomes more active to perform its functions in rescuing the body from toxins.
Prof. Dr. A. G. Jabakji, says, “The implementation of cupping as it has been recommended is an obvious and clear entrance to complete health and good recovery. It supplies man with great power and energy by way of opening and cleaning the fine blood vessels within which blood precipitates and forms residues on its walls, and such a case is one of the causes of migraine, heart and liver diseases, and other ailments of the age.” (Sheikho 2011)