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Hijama (cupping therapy)

Hijama (cupping therapy) is a preventative medicine, it can be beneficial in following and many more conditions e.g. Back pain, Neck pain, sciatica, Knee, elbow, heel & foot pain, Sprains & strains, lumbar pain, pain of the abdomen and lateral costal region, coldness of the lower limbs, numbness and pain of the legs etc.

Hijama is a very common non-conventional therapy that has been used in the treatment of a wide range of conditions. Hijama is the name in Arab traditional medicine for wet cupping. Cupping is also part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), in some societies and cultures it is also known as bloodletting (however hijama differs from blood letting). Hijama is now widely used all over the world.
Hijama procedure:

Hijama (cupping) is a method of treatment in which a cup is placed on various acu points, Sunnah points and reflex zones. A negative pressure is created by a special pump or by introducing heat procedure. The negative pressure pulls out the diseased (spoiled) blood out of the body for therapeutic purposes that in turn poured into the cups and then the diseased blood is disposed. It does not penetrate the veins and treatment is painless. Hijama (cupping therapy) is a very common non-conventional therapy that has been used in the treatment of a wide range of conditions, such as hypertension, migraine, anxiety, rheumatic conditions, arthritis, sciatica, back pain, and many other conditions.
Hijama detoxify body and different organs:

Hijama (cupping) detoxify body and different organs by removing harm full toxins which can cause many diseases & illnesses. The general effect of hijama (cupping) is to make purification of the blood, move Qi, blood, and lymph and also to improve the circulatory system function and the immune system. The local effect of cupping is the relaxation of stiff muscle and removal of pain it also opens the pores of the skin thus allowing for the precipitation of pathogens and their removal through the skin. hijama (cupping) acts as an effective pain relief by removing stagnated blood and lymph from effected area.

Effects of Hijama on different body systems & organs

Cupping is helpful for relief of back pain, muscle spasms, arthritic and rheumatic problems. Hijama (cupping therapy) stimulate the skin and underlying muscles & promotes the release of toxins that have accumulated in the area and increases circulation of blood and lymph vessels. Cupping also stimulates the organ-related reflex zones in the skin to further improve the function of inner organs.
Effect of Hijama on the blood:

Cupping increases red blood cells, white blood cells and change acid blood into alkaline or neutral and leads to purification of the blood. Hijama (cupping) removes all of the toxins from the local area and causes symptomatic relief and stimulates the lymphatic system. It also encourages fresh circulating blood which delivers healing nutrients and oxygen to the affected tissue, thus providing healing and resolution. Hijama (cupping therapy) significantly affects the levels of certain immune cells, it may exert local inflammatory response which stimulate healing and may induce an anti-inflammatory response.
The effect of Hijama on the Spleen:

It is clear that cupping application according to its rules is a secondary spleen which forms a main assistant for the spleen in the blood filtration from all unwanted materials and spoiled and dead blood cells. So cupping medicine is a very important protective of, and can be curing treatment in such cases of spleen problems.
The effect of Hijama on the liver:

Cupping (Hijama) removes the spoiled, old blood cells and the impurities from the blood. It increases the blood flow to all the body tissues, organs and consequently improves the blood flow to the liver tissue. The whole liver will be activated and becomes more active to perform its functions in rescuing the body from toxins.
Prof. Dr. A. G. Jabakji, says, “The implementation of cupping as it has been recommended is an obvious and clear entrance to complete health and good recovery. It supplies man with great power and energy by way of opening and cleaning the fine blood vessels within which blood precipitates and forms residues on its walls, and such a case is one of the causes of migraine, heart and liver diseases, and other ailments of the age.” (Sheikho 2011)
The effect of Hijama on the immunity:

Cupping (Hijama) increases the blood flow to the tissue and organs and improve the performance of the immune system, that helps in increase the body ability to fight diseases.
The effect of Hijama on the heart:

Cupping (Hijama) decreases the level of the bad fat in the blood and enhances the blood flow within clean healthy blood vessels. It maintains a healthy blood supply to the heart tissue and also minimizes the risk of hypertension
The effect of Hijama on the digestive system:

The blood stagnation in the veins of the stomach and the intestines affect their secretive and absorption functions. Cupping (Hijama) activates the blood flow and consequently prevents blood stagnation in the digestive system. Therefore wet cupping is a prevention and cure for all these problems and saves from many health problems.
The effect of Hijama on the nervous system and the brain:

Hijama is helpful in regulating the blood flow to the brain. It is found to be useful in cases of memory weakness and lack of concentration. It also helps in controlling and regulating feelings and affections. It also improves the balance and stability if they are due to lack or decrease of the blood flow.
The effect of Hijama on the eye:

Hijama (cupping) activates the blood circulation and improves the perfusion of tissues and organs. It improve the blood flow to the brain and the nerves including the optic nerve and the retina, consequently, improves the general state of the eyesight.
The effect of Hijama on the kidneys:

Cupping (Hijama) eliminates the lack of blood flow to the kidneys, and encourages them to function properly.
Effects of Hijama on the muscles:

Hijama treatments remove congested blood, it also facilitates the flow of lymph, which helps remove bacteria and carry proteins.
Effects of Hijama on the joints:

Hijama (cupping) improves the flow of blood within the joints and enhances secretion of fluids. Mild conditions can be cured completely and muscle spasms around the joints can also be removed.